World of the Kyrni Glossary

Amrath – Human. Friend of Talkari and brother of Talkari’s lost link Dorath. Big guy. Big heart. Prefers an axe.

Arie – Nyshi. Mage of Ryth. Feared by the torbadyn. Faithful to a fault. Prefers long dresses and manners but rarely gets to enjoy either of them.

Armyth – Rare purple crystals most often found deep in caves. Razor sharp and toxic. see Dalnu.

Ary-dorinu – Elf. Female drykir who told Sorin to head for the Kanadorak. Sorin didn’t head for the Kanadorak. No one was surprised by his action. Annoyed, but not surprised.

Ashyah – Glass spirals that make up the third part of the Martayah, a tool used by mages to travel to other planes of existence. Also see Shanyah and Tinyah.

Asrai – Faerie. Water spirit.

Avi Nahiti Ashoni – Elvish phrase used in magic. Means ‘magic return to me’.

Banashitu – Clan of traders who reside in the Kanadorak forest…allegedly.

Bayacaklin – Nyshi. Also called Baya. Dakori witch. Fae witch. Not to be messed with. See also Cu-tyha and Cayri.

Bloodlock – A gift given in exchange for blood. Cannot be given away.

Bri – Caller. Linked with Yiryn. Could be Sorin’s old crush.

Cayri – Nyshi. Name given by Darkori clan to their mage. See Bayacaklin/Baya and Cu-tyha.

Chey – An extremely deadly species of snake.

Ciathach/Cughtash – Faerie. Lives mostly in caves. Moves from shadow to shadow. Nobody has ever seen one.

Counter – The animal that a kryni shifts into.

Cricket – Faerie. A sheema from the Nayli Forest. Troublemaker. Lifesaver. Fierce hunter. Hates squirrels. The feeling is mutual.

Crin – One of the five lines of women from whom callers came.

Cu-tyha – The torbadyn name for a fae-witch. The elves fear them. See also Bayacaklin/Baya and Cayri.

Dakoyri – Trader clan that lives in the Kanadorak Forest.

Dalman – Middle form of currency.

Dalnu – Poisonous water made by soaking Armyth crystals. Dangerous to humans. Deadly to elves.

Dane – Nyshi. Young thief from Ryth. Impulsive. Adorable. Annoying. Also a wizard of earth.

Doran – Caller. Linked with Kinara

Dorash – Powerful trader clan

Dria – Faerie. Lives in trees. Not in trees but IN trees. Humanoid in form. Helpful.

Drindoc – Sorin’s horse

Drygha – Faerie. Gryphon like creatures the size of squirrels. Four talons and fur covered bodies.

Drykir – Elf. A faction of elf that serves the goddess

Eadeynaklin – Kyrni. Counters with a silver dragon. Can lone-shift at will. Also called Eade.

Eothi – The prophecy.

Essence – The energy source of magic.

Felsphynx – Kyrni. A type of counter similar to a cat/sphynx cross.

Feydrhin – Kyrni. Linked with Jaydar. Counters with a hippogryph. Kind of adorable. Also called Rhin.

Frid – Faerie. Lives under rocks.

Fuath – Faerie. Lives in rivers. One tried to kill Dane. He’s still mad about it.

Gnomes – Faerie. Feed on trees and Dria. Leave dead rings around trees.

Grig – Faerie. Small winged creatures that live near flowers. Lure animals in with a song and swarm them.

Hob – Faerie. Small creatures. Humanoid in appearance. Live in the sticks and fallen branches of forests. Fond of mushrooms.

Ilya – Daughter of Tyreana and Rawl. Saved by Arie.

Jaydar – Caller. Linked with Feydrhin.

Kalni – Human. Trader from Dorash. Tried to steal Sorin’s horses. Lost his son in the process.

Kelpie – Faerie. Lives in water. Can adapt the appearance of a seal, but shifts to a creature with two arms, two legs and mouth full of fangs. Cannot leave the water.

Kericaklin – Human. Leader of the Dakoyri Clan. Also called Keric.

Kinara – Kyrni. Linked with Doran. Counters with copper dragon. Hot tempered.

Kole – Sorin’s steward.

Krea – Kyrni. Counters with a gryphon. Can lone-shift at will. Terrible at following directions. Excels at picking pockets and making people mad.

Lady Carene – Human. Regent for Ryth.

Lady Larae – Human. Eldest daughter of Lady Raeyal and heir to the throne.

Lady Marli – Human. Regent of Traasdak.

Lady Raeyal – Human. The Empress.

Lady Trintin – Human. Daughter of Lady Marli and heir to Traasdak Regency.

Lift – The act of stealing something.

Link – The other half of the kyrni/caller relationship.

Lone-shift – When a kyrni shifts without a caller there to sing them back.

Loireag – Faerie. Lives in water. Skin like fish scales and hair like pond moss.

Lone-shift – When a kyrni shifts without first forming a link with a caller.

Lord Blaydin – Human. Lady Marli’s brother and escort to Lady Trintin. Inadvertently funded Krea’s trip to Shaylith.

Lost Shift – When a kyrni cannot shift out of their counter

Markalri – A dagger created by Nyrit. Feeds on life-force.

Markuta – Race created by dwarves to work in the caves. Origin unknown but suspect.

Marta-alkura – Represented by a spiral. The beginning. The source.

Martayah – collection of 9 objects used by mages to travel the astral planes. See also Shanyah, Tinyah and Ashyah.

Melding – Mental communication on an emotional level.

Mishtryl – Elf. Torbadyn leader. Daughter of Mithtrae and mother of Nyrit.

Mithtrae – One of the eldest Torbadyn. Mother of Mishtryl

Morni – An apprentice wizard.

Myrcadu – One of the five lines of women from whom callers came.

Nahi odo nahi – elvish phrase used in magic. Means ‘stop’.

Nal – Human. Stable boy who works for Rawl.

Nalrashi – One of the five lines of women from whom callers came.

Nasari – Legendary warriors skilled in stealth and ambush.

Nordu – The goddess.

Norlendic – One of the five lines of women from whom callers came.

Nyrit – Elf. Torbadyn. Son of Mishtryl.

Nyshi – The name faeries give all magical humans.

Oshta-ataryl – Elf. Torbadyn. Arrogant. Skilled. Suspected of treason by both sides.

Pelt – A young or inexperienced thief.

Prince Northel – Eldest son of Lady Raeyal, the Empress.

Prince Talyth – Youngest child of Lady Raeyal, the Empress.

Proth – Faerie. A creature. Can place pray under a trance with their gaze. Under the control of the torbadyn.

Pulk/Phouka – Any kind of evil faerie

Rakluani Kokalri – From the Royal House of Kokalri in Tisher. Betrothed to Prince Talyth.

Rawl – Human. Owns the stable in Ryth. Married to Tyreana.

Rendo – Focused Essence. A sunball.

Rodulin – Mediation overseen by the village leader.

Ronu – Elvish name for a traitor.

Roydon – Kryni. Link killed. Member of Counsel of Elders. Counters with a blue dragon. Friend of Sorin.

Rukh – Kyrni. A type of counter. A very large bird

Runner – Similar to a mob boss without the guns.

Shanyah – Small bags that make up the first part of the Martayah, a tool used by mages to travel to other planes of existence. Also see Ashyah and Tinyah.

Sheema – Faerie. Arboreal cat sized creature capable of shifting into three different forms. Rare.

Shift – The process of shapeshifting

Shil – Smallest form of currency

Shol – Largest form of currency

Sorin – Caller. Linked with Tormismir who was lost. Called the Defender by the drykir. Called mean nyshi by Cricket. Generally cantankerous. Legendary for his skill and his fae-hand.

Storn – Nyshi. Wizard of water. Markuta. Generally cantankerous. Has a soft spot for horses. Scary powerful. Not a fan of Fire.

Tal – Title of respect for ‘the chosen’.

Talkari – Kyrni. Counters with black dragon. Lost her caller link, Dorath. Friends with Dorath’s brother, Amrath.

Talmarni – Name for leader of the Council of Elders.

Tancri – One of the five lines of women from whom callers came.

Tash – Torbadyn. Friend of Oshta-ataryl.

Temple Guardian – Cares of kyrni eggs and young.

Theya – Kyrni. No link. Leader of Council of Elders. Counters with a hippogryph.

Tinyah – Carved sticks that make up the second part of the Martayah, a tool used by mages to travel to other planes of existence. Also see Ashyah and Shanyah.

Tora-nortu – Elvish word for the painted history of the creatures of Nordu

Torbadyn – A faction of elf that doesn’t serve the goddess.

Torkut – The chamber where the history of Nordu’s creation is recorded.

Torkyru – The chamber where the prophecy is recorded.

Tormismir – Kyrni. Sorin’s lost link. A Ruhk.

Tornaki – The pool of death.

Troulas – Human. Sorin’s stable boy.

Tynashi – Torbadyn who are not loyal to Mishtryl.

Tyreana – Human. Wife of Rawl and Arie’s non-magical student.

Ulryk – Caller. No link. Second highest person in the Council of Elders.

Yiryn – Kyrni. Linked with Bri. Counters with a rust colored dragon.