World of Kyrni

Two factions of elves have been at war longer than anyone can remember. Sorin has had enough of their war, though. He is happy to live out his years in a far corner of the realm growing wheat and trying to forget.

Krea is a thief and a good one. Well, most of the time. Except when she decides to relieve a certain lord of his heavy burden, is caught by the guards, and tries to change into an evil faery monster. Except that time.

When Sorin stumbles upon Krea in an alleyway about to shift into her counter, he reaches for his caller magic and brings her back to her human form before it is lost forever. But that turns out to be the easy part. Convincing her that she is kyrni, a sacred race of shapeshifters, and that she must travel to the Royal City to find out what happened to her caller is far more challenging.

Just Released: Hand and Talon