There are degrees of self-publishers out there. Some folks do all of it themselves. They do their own editing, their own marketing and their own covers. I am not one of those folks.

To start with, I am the worst at editing my own work.  No joke. I can read sentence five times and never notice the missing word. My brain, sweet thing that it is, just puts that word in there for me. As helpful as that is when it comes to reading fast, it makes me rubbish for proofing, so I hire a professional editor, Literally Jen, and a professional beta reader too, Emma Yeomen. And, as you probably guessed by the title of this blog, the other professional that I hire is a designer for my book cover, Radovan Zivkovic. And for good reason.

When Radovan and I started working together, kind soul that he is, Radovan asked me for my ideas for a book cover. I shared the opening scene from Shield of Drani and told him I thought it would be brilliant. He tried to talk me out of it. Made a solid effort without being rude. I was committed, so he did the mockup you see attached to this post. Needless to say, I wasn’t thrilled. And, of course, neither was he. Fortunately, as part of the meet and greet process, I had sent him several snips from Shield to read. Radovan activated his artist super powers and sent me several more ideas. The second image attached to this post is the one we chose. And the cover for Shield of Drani was born.

I’ll post the progression in the next blog. I think it’s amazing to see how small changes can make such a difference.

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Birth of a Book Cover – Part 1

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