Okay, one more sample…maybe

It’s not my fault. Kristin James just does such a great job with narration that I can’t help myself. Here is one more sample. I hope you love it!

Urban Fantasy Giveaway

Interested in a bunch of free books? Who isn’t, right? Well, here is some info on an urban fantasy giveaway extravaganza!! Fantasy Bridge is dedicated to bringing you exclusive deals, …

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Hand and Talon on iBooks

Update: Here it is… Hand and Talon on iBooks Previously: Despite my almost heroic efforts, The Google is ignoring me. Totally! Hopefully I will have a working iBooks link to …

Check out my Author Interview

Super cool Martin Wilsey interviewed me for his super snazzy blog. Check out the interview and take a walk around his musings. Good stuff to be had there. Everything from …