The world of DRANI | KYRNI

Dive into a new adventure and fight your way out as Melonie Purcell takes you on a journey to an exciting and captivating world you won’t want to leave.

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World of Melonie Purcell

As a Las Vegas native—a rare species to be sure—Melonie grew up riding horses in the Nevada desert, camping and fishing her way through the state of Utah and chasing reptiles in Arizona.

As an adult, she still traipses around the desert and the mountains, but now she does it in cooler shoes, a better backpack and usually carrying a camera.

Like a great plot, timing is everything

some of my Musings

Okay, one more sample…maybe

It’s not my fault. Kristin James just does such a great job with narration that I can’t help myself. Here is one more sample. I hope you love it!

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